Create 3D printed baby statues based on ultrasound/sonogram data!

Satisfy the most demanding parents and offer your clients a 3D printed ultrasound. Opposite of the 2D to 3D rendered images we offer the real thing, a 3D baby statue based on the actual ultrasound data. Sirbonu is offering ultrasound clinics and parents that are interested in this product the possibility to have their 3D static ultrasounds converted into a 3D file. This STL file contains the baby in 3D and you or your client can decide to either just keep it in digital format or to have it printed in any material. With prices as low as 25 Euro for a 3D file, the 3D baby comes into reach of a larger audience. The only thing needed is a volume file or DICOM file of the static 3D from the ultrasound machine. Almost all ultrasound machines are capable of making these kinds of files.


Only ultrasound volume files can be used so no JPEG, MOV or any other non-3D file!
The baby image is not altered in any way, so what you see is what you get!
No sending costs for files!
You get an STL file from us which can be viewed in a 3D viewer. Furthermore, you decide what material you want to have it printed, the size and the color!
We can offer you a printing service including delivery!

Ultrasound conversion and clean up by BabySliceO


*These prices for a 3D Printed Ultrasound are Re-seller prices only! Ask your Ultrasound clinic to contact me for retail pricing! All prices are excluding taxes. In Europe, local VAT will be added when no VAT number is available. 

3D converted ultrasounds examples